Is Healthy Food Really Expensive?

My niece, whom I adore, wrote on Facebook, “Why is healthy food so expensive?”  She just lost about 100 lbs by eating healthy and exercising.  Wahoo!!!!  She looks and feels fabulous!  She noticed that when she shopped for junk food, she spent far less than when she shops for healthy food.  I saw her comment on Facebook and wondered, is it really that expensive?  I really don’t think so.  I know I am very thrifty and I can find deals.  While going through the supermarket, I can see how it seems that healthy food is expensive.  With  a few strategies, you can find that healthy food at a reasonable price.

Buy Seasonal Produce

I am sure you hear this a lot.  Buy seasonal.  What does that mean?  Each food has a growing and harvesting season.  You should buy your produce when it is in season for the best price and optimal quality.  For example, zucchini is in season right now.  You will find loads of local zucchini at great prices.  When it’s winter, you’re not going to find it locally and at that great price.  Starting about now, peaches are in season until about late September in the Northeast.  You will find the best prices and quality right now and through the summer.

Check Loss Leaders at the Markets

These are the super low priced items on the front and back pages of your sales circulars.  These are made to have you go into the store and spend more money on other items.  A week ago our local store had Corn on the Cob 12 for $1.97.  Great price.

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are filled with great products from local farms.  It’s a great way to support your community and buy the freshest produce.  Also, because transportation costs are low, the prices are really great.

Outlet Stores

There are restaurant supply stores that sell to the general public extra produce the restaurants do not purchase.  There are great deals to be had at these outlets.  The store  I frequent, has amazing deals!  I will outline them below.

Auctions and Flea Markets

This is one that we don’t think about much.  There are auctions around the country that auction produce, meats, canned goods, etc.  Also, many flea markets have produce stands.  If you go at the end of the day, many venders do not want to take their produce home and are more likely to give you a deal.

My Haul


friendly fruit

Today I went to my favorite produce store and hit the jackpot.  The delivery truck was just coming in and I picked up great deals.  What did I spend for this.  See below:

  • 2 lb bag chopped romaine lettuce $1
  • 3 stocks of leeks $1
  • 2.04 lbs yellow squash $1.02
  • 3 lbs. (?) bag of broccoli florets $2
  • 1 pineapple $1
  • 1 seedless watermelon $3
  • 1 lbs baby grapes $ 1 (Yum)
  • 2 containers of raspberries $1
  • 1 cantalope $1
  • .34 lbs sliced mushrooms $.60

My total was $12.98.  Not bad for my 20 minutes at the store.  I have items that we will eat this week and some that I will chop and put into the freezer for later.

How about you?  How do you get the best price on produce?


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