Hurry, The Peaches Are Ready!


Peaches, peaches, peaches everywhere!  A few weeks ago, I looked at my peach tree and noticed, there were a lot of small peaches on the tree.  A lot of peaches!!!  I was surprised because each year, against my wishes, my father-in-law would come and spray my peach tree with some type of pesticide.  I would tell him, we should do organic.  His response, “Then you’ll have no peaches!”  This year, due to some health issues, he did not spray the peaches.  I assumed (never do that), I would have no peaches.  Wrong.

Plus, my woodchuck is no where to be seen.  I think he may have been done in by my busy road (or old age, cayotes, etc).  The woodchuck would routinly climb into the tree and eat the peaches.  I never realized woodchuck’s climbed trees but I saw it myself!  Lastly, the deer have kindly left a lot for me this year.  Maybe their busy eating my neighbor’s garden and peaches!  I’ll have to ask the neighbors.  Or maybe the abundance of rain in the Northeast has made it a perfect year for my peach tree.

Whatever the reason, I am so happy to have an abundance of peaches.  But, I do not want them to go bad.  Different from the peaches bought at the store, these peaches only last a day or two after they ripen.  So, what can I do, with all these peaches?  Well, I can eat them…which I have been.  Give them away (my inlaws have already been by to pick some).  Or cook with them.  I have been doing a lot of the latter.

What have I made with these peaches?

Peach jam

I made a total of 4 1/2 little jars of peach jam.  This took me a total of 3 hours from peeling, cutting, cooking and processing.  They are like gold to me.  My daughter opened the smallest jar, and proclaimed them “Good”.  That’s about her enthusiasm for my cooking.  She is taking one of the jars with her to college.  That’s how I know the “Good” means, really great.

Peach turnovers

Simple to make…just pie crust and cooked down peaches with sugar then baked to  flaky delicioiusness.  They were yummy and were gone in about 1 day.

Peach Bars

Just like a oatmeal type cereal bar.  These are baked with oatmeal, brown sugar and the cooked down peaches with sugar.  Again, yum!  I just made those last night, so they are still around and should last a few days (hopefully).

Over the next few days, I will post the recipes for these delecible edibles for you to try with your peaches (grown or bought at the local farmers market).

What I would love to know, how do you use up peaches?  What recipes should I try in the future (or this week) for the rest of the peaches?  Let me know, I could use the help using up these peaches before they fall to the ground and rot (or the woodchuck magically appears or the deer are sick of the neighbors’ gardens or…).

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