Is it too hot to cook?

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake
Carnitas over Rice

It has been hot in Massachusetts.  I am sure it’s not Arizona hot but it’s hot.  And I don’t have central air.  Someday, yes, I will get it for the 4 weeks each year it ends up being hot.  But this summer, we have had a few heat waves.  More than normal.  I know my Florida friends are not feeling sorry for me…BUT YOU ALL HAVE AIR CONDITIONING!  OKAY, I am feeling better now…

August is also the time that I get new products and recipes to test…normally these are typical “fall/winter” recipes.  Recipes like, stew, slow roasted carnitas, roasted chicken…the type of cooking that I love to do.  But, I don’t like to heat up my kitchen. Who would when your house is 90 degrees!!!  This year is no different with the types of recipes.  But, one big difference is we have the product I have been asking to add to the line for the past 20 years.  A pressure cooker!!!  OMG!!  This is a game changer.  And I have been loving cooking with it because I can cook all these slow roasted meals in a fraction of time but it does not heat my kitchen!!!!  LOVE IT!!! Plus, I have been asking for this product for 20 years!!!  They finally listened to Linda Medeiros!!! It’s about time!

Not only have I been testing whole FROZEN chicken, beef stew, carnitas but also baking Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake (you are welcome, my family)!!!!  Amazing!  Not heating up my kitchen has been a wonderful thing.  Cooking a frozen whole chicken in 45 minutes is a wonderful thing!!  Cooking dried beans in 15-45 minutes without soaking is a wonderful thing!!! Oh, maybe I’ll make some Boston Baked Beans…just because I can!

I am so in my element with my Quick Cooker!!!  I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of new recipes and posts from me because I have been cooking a lot!  My family is very happy! Wait until I start using my new baking pans…

If you have a pressure cooker, what is your favorite thing to cook?


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